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What’s the secret to happiness? Everyone would like to be happy. And most people want to help others achieve that happiness. But, what constitutes happiness? There are many forms of happiness. And the most common form is the kind we pursue for ourselves. These are our own desires and goals. Happiness isn’t the way we make other people feel about us. It’s the way we feel about ourselves. What does this suggest? All forms of happiness are personal. No one knows what happiness is for another person. There is no universally accepted definition of happiness. The Buddha said that “happiness…

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This article gives a general overview of quantum computing. In the first section we will mention some of the fundamental differences in the way that classical and quantum computers operate. Quantum computers are generally not limited by the way that conventional computers operate. They are only limited by the laws of physics. This gives quantum computers different potential. Most importantly it means that quantum computers can actually run some algorithms very efficiently. This can be a tremendous advantage for many applications, particularly in some areas of cryptography. Quantum computing makes the assumption that the world is essentially built up of…

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The Blockchain’s robustness, provenance and scale could become the basis for a new financial system.

The arrival of the blockchain, as demonstrated by the launch of Bitcoin and other “alt-coins” on the blockchain, is bringing about profound change to the way in which financial institutions and all of us interact with the outside world. Our experience is changing, and may become so disruptive that it will affect everything we do, and even how we view economics. Financial institutions have so far largely ignored the blockchain technology on which cryptocurrencies are based. The Blockchain is neither a database technology (like the…

What is Artificial Intelligence?

I use the term ‘AI’ to describe artificial intelligence. There are lots of programmers who don’t like the term because they think that it implies that the purpose of the programming is to make a machine equivalent to a human mind or intellect, or that the programming is meant to apply to all human beings or to all possible human beings.

If you like, you could call it ‘intelligent machine programming’ instead of ‘AI’. This would be a reasonable definition but, although it would be a useful definition, I doubt that it would mean much to most people if you…

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